Power Plant Conversions from Bituminous to Sub Bituminous Coal

Vice President, Plant Professionals (P2)

With over 30 years of experience in the coal and power plant industries, Joe has been with Benetech since 2003. In his current position as Vice President of P2 he is responsible for all Project Management and Engineering/Consulting services provided by P2 to the power and energy related industries.

His presentation discussed his background and expertise, the Benetech, Inc – Corporate Profile. The Challenges of the Sub Bituminous Coal, its Characteristics and properties. Conversion Process, the Typical Staged Approach to a conversion, the Challenges and issues faced throughout process from unloading of coal through the combustion zone. And the Examples of how the US based utilities have addressed conversion issues, such as Detailed bullets of the organized and logical approach that has been successful in the US, the Actual case studies that showed technologies that were applied and the improvement path, and the Visual depiction of technology application to coal fired generation equipment.