Proactive and Reactive Strategies

President, CoalTech Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Rahm founded CoalTech Consultants, Inc. in March of 2008 following nearly two years in the ethanol industry as the COO of Ethanex Energy, Inc. Formerly the Director, Fuel Services for Westar Energy, Inc., Mr. Rahm was responsible for the coal procurement of over 13 million tons of PRB coals annually and their 2000 railcar transportation fleet.

Being proactive is anticipating future problems and implementing changes while being reactive is reacting to a past event. The cost of being reactive following an explosion or fire will cost many times more than if the upgrades were made while being proactive. Examples of both types of these strategies had been discussed. The reactive examples was included case histories of actual fires and explosions and the cost of last generation and to rebuild. Also discussed was case histories of a proactive approach to mitigate the risks of fires and explosions. When handling and burning sub-bituminous coals there is no room for complacency. The last thing only plant would want is to be featured in one of my reactive strategies case history presentations.