Using a piercing Rod to Extinguish Deep Seat Coal Pile/Silo Fires

Industrial Market manager, hazard Control Technologies

Justin is originally from Ohio, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University in 2005.

He provides PRB coal consulting services, specializing in fire detection, suppression, and prevention. He also conducts training for emergency responders and plant safety officials on the hazards of coal handling and combustible dust, and in silo fire extinguishment through the use of piercing rods and a micelle encapsulating agent.

Extinguishing stubborn deep seated silo fires is an hazardous task, especially when the plant and/or fire department is not prepared. These types of fires can easily lead to a major explosion or a series of explosions within the plant, when correct silo fire fighting procedures are not followed. His presentation was intended to provide the participants an introduction to the proper and proven procedures to follow when facing a coal silo fire either deep seated or near surface.